Hardship in a nation

    Hardship in a nation

    On July 5th 2018, a man believed to be in his early 20s Wednesday afternoon, set himself ablaze in the Omole Phase 1 area of Ojodu, Lagos.
    The man, whose identity was not confirmed, was said to have armed himself with a gallon of petrol and lighter and started narrating how Nigerians were going through hardship.
    He claimed that the country was under a spell which cannot be removed and that there was no hope and future for the youths, he could no longer bear the hardship of the country so he threatened to kill himself.
    People thought he was joking till he lighted himself up, then they hustled to put the fire out and took him to the hospital.

    Several other cases of citizens committing suicide due to the bad economic state of the country.
    Other weird and funny cases we have heard of is that of neighbors who tend to lock their pots with befitting padlocks to prevent such foods from going missing. Funny right.

    Nigeria, a country blessed genuinely with resources, resources that even most of the present rich and stable countries don’t have, yet she’s ranked third most thriving country in poverty.
    Asides ignoring the fact that the richest man and woman in Africa both hail from Nigeria, many other not so popular Nigerians are really making it big in their sphere or niche. It makes one wonder how the rich keeps getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer of course we know already that the gap in the social strata between the rich and the poor is very wide which of course would be too disastrous for the economy if it keeps being that way.
    Could her leaders be the reason for the hardship her people face?
    Could her people/ citizens be the reason for the hardship they face?
    Could there be some supernatural explanation to what’s happening in this country presently?

    Yet to me both the government and the people are the cause of the current hardship we face, let’s leave God out of this mud, when we do what we’re supposed to do, God steps in.
    I have identified few steps which we could take to ensure hardship is reduced or eliminated totally in this country which I’ve enumerated in paragraphs below.

    One major factor responsible for hardship is the citizens desperate dependence on the government, the repercussion of so much dependence on government is manifesting due to the recent shock in government revenue. So, this should serve as a wake up call to everybody to diversify sources of income and engage in productive ventures. Doing this will relieve the government of so much responsibility and allowing it to provide social services. People find it easy to blame government for their poverty condition, they overlook their own share of blame for being so much dependent.

    Also, one major factor for the hardship we face is lack of social services, which has been ineffective, inadequate and insufficient such that even the citizens in which these amenities were assumed to be provided for still use their little earnings to provide such services for themselves. This the government must be responsible for so the citizens can at least use earnings on other necessities.

    Nigerians also are expected to embrace entrepreneurship, to engage in production, do not just buy and sell, make or produce something, and this drive mostly comes from solving a problem, identifying a particular challenge in the Society and proffering solutions to them. This is what will add significant value to the economy and increase income taxes to government.
    By seeing to that, the search for government jobs would reduce, because jobs would be created by those who proffer solutions to challenges, and they become employers of labour to most people who were previously searching for a government jobs.
    Also, the government should increase the functionality of grant giving institutions for entrepreneurs, create entrepreneurship funds schemes for SME’s, they could also exempt small business from paying taxes for a stipulated period of time to enable businesses growth.

    Also, Nigerians have so much innovation and strategies in raising money for our personal projects, like marriage, building houses, buying cars etc, we should channel similar strategy and energy in raising funds to fund our productive businesses.
    Such personal projects could be postponed. First incorporate such innovative ideas into current business and ensures it attains a satisfactory level of growth, after business has prospered we can then focus on such personal projects. Our youths who are filled with creativity and ideas should stop wasting their leisure time and use it to learn new business skills, ideas or source for capital. Young entrepreneurs with little capital should embrace collaboration and engage in business partnerships, once we begin to do all these we help the government and not expect from them.

    Finally, Women must equally step in to contribute to the growth of the economy, with almost half of the country’s population, women can make differences and help families. Working parents can adequately cater for their children and themselves, and support each other. Therefore, spouses should help each other to establish businesses.


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