Ease frustration with tips in Lagos the most populous city in Nigeria

    Lagos the most populous city in Nigeria

    Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria, having a population of over 21 million people according to records obtained from the 2016 census.
    Due to her massive population, she faces one major challenge; traffic which is caused either by bad roads, congestion, vehicles in bad conditions, amongst others.
    We’ve come up with four simple principles that might be helpful in saving you from having a typical Lagos traffic experience.
    However, this does not always have to be the case.

    Ease the frustration with the following tips.

    1. Leave early.

    2. Use BRT.

    3. Monitor the traffic through radio stations.

    4. Avoid rush hours.

    5. Use alternate transportation, such as bikes, tricycles, popularly known as ‘Keke Napeps.’

    Note: it would always be advisable to call whoever you are going to meet before leaving to save money and time.


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